BR FLAIM Primary - French

802 Mayflower Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

(In 2018-19, BR FLAIM will relocate to 4510 Bawell Street)

Applications accepted: Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Foreign Language Immersion is a method by which students learn academic subject material using the second language as the means of instruction. Baton Rouge FLAIM students study the academic subjects of math, science and social studies using French or Spanish. This promotes learning a language in the most natural way, in context.

When students enter school at the kindergarten or first grade level, parents choose a language track of Chinese Mandarin, French or Spanish. The student will receive instruction in that chosen language through 5th grade in the subjects of math, science and social studies.

English is used only during the English language arts period, taught by native English speakers. Students who complete the program through 5th grade are bilingual, that is speaking, reading, and writing in the second language. Through their immersion experience, students also develop a deep appreciation for the language and culture of other countries.

Teachers at BR FLAIM are native speakers who are certified and highly qualified in their grade levels. They represent the countries of  China, Spain, Guatemala, Columbia, France, and Belgium which rings a unique cultural perspective of their countries to share with the students.

The students research and present information about six different countries each year for the Spring International Festival and create displays and have performances based on the language and culture of the countries studied.

Academic Requirements: 
1. Applicants selected in grades K-1 must perform on or above grade level as determined by a screening instrument administered at the school.