Dufrocq Academic Magnet

330 S. 19th Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Applications accepted: Grades 3-5

The motto at The Dufrocq School is the "pursuit of learning begins here" where an academically challenging and enhanced curriculum nurtures a genuine love for learning and develops the creative and intellectual abilities of our students. The rigorous course offering cultivates minds, develops character and prepares students for life. The academic magnet curriculum accentuates student strengths and accommodates special interests and learning styles of the accelerated student.

Students are challenged through hands-on experiences, investigations, and research. The classroom atmosphere focuses on respect and appreciation for each child and motivates students to deepen their understandings. Students are encouraged to learn through inquiry, exploration, research, and the creation of products as a result of learning critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Dufrocq School is also a MicroSociety® community, a mini-society created within the school reflecting components of a real society. Students create their own businesses and establish functional governmental agencies. These may include a bank, a court system, craft shops, a nail spa, a governing-body and more.

The purpose of the MicroSociety is to provide an authentic learning environment, where teachers integrate the curriculum into a dynamic, learning community.


Academic Requirements: 

Screening process for applicants entering grades 3; applicants entering grades 4-5 must submit report cards and perform Basic or above or the equivalent on the district's  norm-referenced assessment in both ELA and math